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Welcome to Rosie's Precious Pups

We raise Yorkshire Terriers, Parti-Colored Yorkies and also Yorkie Poos. I have always been fascinated with Yorkies and Poodles.

#1 They Don't SHED and Both are Hyperalergenic

They are soo loveable and just like your child, demand attention in any way they can get it. With their playful sensitive way of tugging at your heart with an Unconditional LOVE. They love toys, stuffed animals, chewies, squeekie toys or just a couple of your old socks tied together with you holding one end and them playing "Tug of War" on the other.

On left, Gentle Blue, Yorkie (Breuer Gene carrier for Parti Colored babies) 4.5 lbs.
2nd: Lil Bo, Yorkie, 3.5 lbs.
3rd:  Kody, Yorkie Poo, 2.5 lbs.

Our "Stud Muffins",  they all produce some really beautiful small 1-3 lb babies or larger 4-7 lb babies depending on which Beautiful lil girl we breed them with.

 Babies produced from our awesome Studs are very lovable and enjoy the love of their new Mama and Daddy's

We do Breed out our studs, $400.00, up front, pre-arranged,(Or Pick of the litter) we have to be a little strict on this, as the females must have proof of shots, Rabies, and worming, updated within a year.

 Please call to arrange a breeding with your little Yorkie or Poodle Princess.
Precious Pups is proud to offer:
  • Healthy Puppies
  • A loyal friend forever
  • Someone to cuddle with
  • A child that doesn't talk back
  • A pup that will listen every time you speak
  • Truly someone who will follow you wherever you go
  • A sleeping partner that tells you when it's time to go to bed
  • A face that will always make you smile
  • Beautiful pet, who ever sees your baby, will say awwww
  • Perfect lap dog
  • Awesome pup to train, soooo smart
  • The real pup you've always wanted or wanted to give


Contact us:
 @ 803-581-6387
Or Call/Text
 @ 803-374-3170
Please Come Again!


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